What is Reel Youth?

Reel Youth represents the voice of the young people and is a showcase of their creativity. It is all about the empowerment of young people, allowing them to explore their current issues through a Youth Arts process. Through various integration workshops young people are equipped with skills in scriptwriting, camera operation, sound recording, acting and performance training, teamwork, and exploring and reflecting on issues important to them. Each year we choose a theme and work with experts in relevant fields. Young people work together to learn and expand their knowledge and produce a film according to their interpretations of the theme. Finally, films are showcased to all participating groups and each young person receives a copy of their work.

What’s required to join and get your young people involved in Reel Youth?
Reel Youth is organised by a collective of dedicated youth workers. We meet regularly to plan and evaluate the programme, constantly improving the experience for the young people involved. If your group is interested in joining Reel Youth, your project must provide a member of your team to join and contribute to the collective of youth workers who run the overall programme. Reel Youth is about the process and the benefits come from engaging with that process at all stages.
What are the responsibilities of collective members?
  • Share information between the collective and your organisation
  • Support your young people through the process
  • Represent your young people and organisation at meetings
  • Attend and contribute to collective meetings (roughly every 6 weeks- Tuesday mornings 11-1*) throughout the year. (Nominating a suitable replacement from organisation should you be unable to attend)
  • Organise integration events along with other members of the collective.
  • Bring your young people to 3 integration events, and hosting 1. (2-3hr workshops- spread out from Feb to May)
  • Attend training sessions for young people as agreed by the collective year by year.
  • Attend training session for youth workers as agreed by the collective year by year
  • Share resources as applicable.
  • Produce a film with your group.
  • Liaise with the editor alloacted to you to complete the film for submission
  • Submit film and relevant information to contribute to  the DVD booklet for screening and duplication.
  • Support the running and planning of the screening event.
  • Evaluate the programme.
  • Participate in a sub committee 
  • Pay annual admission costs (this can be negotiated in certain circumstances - no refunds)
  • Some members will be required to take a role as treasurer, secretary, chairperson, etc.
  • Contribute to applications when needed. 
  • Bring your ideas, enthusiasm and suggestions to improve Reel Youth.

*days and times are subject to change

How Do I Get Involved?
Youth workers, volunteers, or other interested parties are welcome to attend a meeting to learn more about the process, ask questions and get to know other members. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming part of the Reel Youth Collective, please get in touch. You can contact dublinreelyouth@gmail.com or saoirse@bruyouthservice.ie.