History of Reel Youth

Reel Youth grew out of the MAYS Youth Film Festival which began in the Market Area Youth Service in 2001. The Market Area Youth Service had made a number of short films and realised the importance of a premiere screening for the young people to reinforce the sense of value, achievement and celebration inherent in their experience. Realising that it would be impossible for one youth project to sustain the costs incurred in this process other youth projects were approached to get on board. In 2003 support and funding was offered from the partnership of Dublin City Council, CDYSB and CityArts and the programme became known as Reel Youth in 2003. It was co-ordinated and funded under this partnership, which in 2008 became known as Young Urban Arts.

When funding for Young Urban Arts ceased in 2011, Reel Youth continued to be sustained by a core group of youth workers, volunteers and through funding from the CDYSB. We have been further successful in our applications to the DCC Arts Office in several funding rounds.