Reel Youth 2015

The theme for Reel Youth in 2015, chosen by participating young people, was 'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover'. 

The training programme in 2015 was supported by the DCC Arts Office. We provided training in storyboarding, scripting, camera operation, sound recording, set design, acting and direction. The films they produced are a testament to all the hard work of the young people who participated. 

Fourteen youth services and projects were involved in Reel Youth, including: Brú Youth ServiceCabra for Youth, Donnycarney Youth ProjectFountain Youth Project,  Kilbarrack Youth Project, Kilmore West Youth Project, Pavee Point, Sphere 17 Regional Youth ServiceSt. John Bosco Youth Centre, Stoneybatter Youth Service, Swan Youth Service, SWICN Clubhouse and Talk About Youth Project, St. Andrew's Resource Centre.

Read about and watch a selection of the films below.


Cabra for Youth

Have you ever thought about how others perceive you and the area in which you live? This short film hopes to get you thinking about this and why you shouldn't 'judge a book by its cover'. Welcome to Cabra.

The Broken Facade

Kilbarrack Youth Project

Trying to be someone that you're not rarely leads to happiness.

Who's This?

St. John Bosco Youth Service

Our film is set during lunchtime at school where five young people find a phone in a classroom. Each character in turn looks at the phone and builds a picture of who they think owns it by going through the apps. Using their imagination each character creates an image of who the phoneowner might be with a number of dream sequences taking place.

The Girl of my Dreams

Pavee Point

A settled girl is invited to the disco by her traveller friends. At the disco one of the traveller boys likes her. They have a dance but with a small bit of confusion on who he is. She says to him she doesn't like him, then he replies 'you can't judge a book by its cover'. 

Faces in the Crowd

Talk About Youth Project, St. Andrew's Resource Centre

Real stories and the impact of being judged.


Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service

Saffron is a young teenager who falls pregnant and everybody around her forms a judgement about how her life will turn out. Is she able to prove them wrong??

The Average Joe

Donnycarney Youth Project

Four friends decide to meet up after a few years of graduating together. Each of them now have their own secretive lives... Which will be the first to reveal their secret?

Cry Wolf

Stoneybatter Youth Service

A young girl is finding it tough and goes to desperate measures to get attention.


Kilmore West Youth Project

'Shortie' tells us a story of how when you judge a book by its cover, all is not what it seems to be! Follows the story of a young lad who seems to be the joke of everyone he knows until he shows us that he is the one with the last laugh!!


Fountain Youth Project

A young girl is dreading her first day of secondary school, she fears the worst and is imagining all nasty things she thinks are going to happen to her. As it turns out she finds her first day of school was not as she imagined and she really enjoyed it and made lots of friends.

Endless Cycle

Brú Youth Service & SWICN Clubhouse

We all get judged and in turn judge others. It is an endless cycle that needs to be broken.


In 2015 Reel Youth was supported by: