Reel Youth 2016

The theme for Reel Youth in 2016, with the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in mind, was 'Where We Are Now'. 

The training programme in 2016 was supported by the DCC Arts Office. This funding allowed us to provide acting & performance training, script & storyboard training, camera & sound training and tailor-made on-location training/support in participating youth services and projects. 

Seven youth services and projects were involved in Reel Youth, including: Brú Youth Service, Fountain Youth Project, Kilmore West Youth Project, St. John Bosco Youth CentreSwan Youth Service, SWICN Clubhouse and Talk About Youth Project, St. Andrew's Resource Centre.

Read about and watch a selection of the films below.

Equality in our Time

Brú Youth Service

A short documentary considering the way opportunities and rights for young people have changed over the last century, and what life is like in 2016.

The Overnighter

St. John Bosco Youth Centre

It’s Friday 13th and a group of young people are having a sleep over in their Youth Centre when they start to encounter very strange happenings during a game of hide and seek.

Wasters Rebels and Heroes

Kilmore West Youth Project

This movie is about a group of young men who are living in the shadows of their great grandfathers’ legacies. They feel they will never be a good as their grandfathers but they are much more alike than they think!

The Streets

Swan Youth Service

This song is about growing up in a difficult area. You have to work with what you have – we had less but it was enough and we had more than others. We try to find normality and always try to be happy despite the difficulties. We have a resilient community.

Everyone has an escape and this song and my music is mine.

Behind Closed Doors

Fountain Youth Project

The young people are excited about the Junior Cert results night out, however Jodie’s bully of a step father Barry is not allowing her out as he is not happy with her results as he is never happy with anything Jodie does.

Jodie decided to sneak out and join her friends for the disco. Being 2016 and not 1916 young people are under peer pressure to take drugs as it seen as the norm... Jodie eventually gives in and takes drugs to block out reality at home.

Jodie breaks down to her mam and makes her choose her or Barry. The mam realises Barry is a bully and throws him out, Jodie is relieved .

Seeking Rights

Talk About Youth Project, St. Andrew's Resource Centre

100 years on, has it changed for everyone in Irish Society? If so, who, and if not why? We talk to an Irish traveller woman who is still dealing with inequalities in Ireland today.


Allsorts, SWICN Clubhouse

It’s 2116, and Celebrity Big Brother season 116 is more intense than ever.

Will our YouTube Celebrities survive the heat, or will they get terminated?

A satirical look at the effect of modern media on society in an ever-changing digital landscape.


In 2016 Reel Youth was supported by: